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Virtual Urgent Care

Non-Members are Welcome

  • 30 minutes
  • Online Session

Physician Service Description

**If you have an emergency, call 911** We do not address emergencies. This service is available to the general public (non Members), and may be booked online. If you need urgent attention during business hours by clicking on "Appointments" button on the home page. After you schedule an appointment, you simply use your video enabled smartphone so we can see you face to face. You don't need to download any software. If you need to be seen in person, we will visit you at your home (house call). Included in the home visit fee: * Evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of your condition * Nebulizer (breathing) treatment * Antibiotic dispensed * Injection medications * Blood draw (labs are billed to insurance or offered at a discount) * IV fluids * and more Conditions commonly treated urgently include: * Allergies * Asthma and Bronchitis * Back pain * Bladder infection * Conjunctivitis (pink eye) * Common cold * Fever * Flu (influenza) * Gout, knee pain, joint pain * Ear Infection * Strep throat * Skin rash * Urinary frequency or pain with blood * and more Sometimes, you may not know exactly what is wrong. In this case, it is still a good idea to be seen urgently if you are experiencing some of the following symptoms: * Nausea or vomiting * Rash and itching * Coughing (and dry cough), sneezing and wheezing * Sore throat * Minor abdominal pain * Diarrhea * Headaches * Other unexplained pain or swelling * and more At this time, we are not testing for Covid 19 in-person. Instructions During business hours, call 949-237-2949 you may book online, or call to confirm your desired appointment time is available. Paste this link on your browser Register at Schedule at Outside business hours, book online, then wait for Dr. Long to call you at your preferred time. During business hours, you may call to schedule your appointment if you cannot find an appointment online that matches your preferred time Pricing 1. Bill your insurance, and you are responsible for your copay minimum (coming soon) 2. Cash pricing $199 for 15-30 minutes

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us. If you are looking for appointment times outside of what is available on this online schedule, please call to schedule.

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