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Caring like Family

When you become a Member, you're cared for like family.

Private & Attentive

Marta Long MD offers private physician services in the comfort of your home.  Every aspect of care is provided by a physician, not a physician assistant or nurse practitioner.  You'll notice the difference from the very first call because it is answered by your physician.


Dr. Long personally attends to every aspect of your medical care.  Why? Because when you are ill, having to wait in the reception area and on the phone is difficult.  We provide an alternative to those who need attentive care.


Marta Long MD understands medical needs arise unexpectedly, and that's why we offer same-day or next-day appointments.  It's no secret that patients who have access to their physicians avoid urgent care, emergency rooms, and have fewer hospitalizations. 


When you become a Member, you have a direct phone number to Dr. Long, who is available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, ensuring you are in good hands when you need care the most.


At the core of the care we offer is a deep respect for the body's innate capacity to heal itself.  We address root causes and avoid  harmful treatments.  Treating the body like a garden to be tended rather than a machine to be fixed requires time, and ideally more than 15 minutes.  We prefer one hour at each appointment with you, so you are heard and never rushed.  It is our pleasure to listen, and know our Members and their preferences.

Concierge at Home

When you are too busy, sick or frail to leave home, we come to you with nearly every item available in a medical clinic.  To keep you at home when you're ill, we dispense antibiotics, provide nebulizers (breathing treatments) and injections or IV (intravenous) fluids.  You may choose to have your blood work drawn at home, out of necessity or for convenience.  We designed every aspect of the care we offer with our family in mind.  This is how we'd like our family treated.

Coordinated Care

Marta Long MD embraces the privilege and responsibility to care for patients.  The scope of internal medicine includes mental health and gynecology.  To ensure seamless and coordinated care, we personalize our referrals with physician-to-physician communication.  We strive to avoid care fragmentation by  minimizing referrals to other physicians, unless absolutely necessary.   

Serving Orange County

Based in Irvine, Marta Long MD serves Orange County, including Irvine, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Tustin, Santa Ana, Corona del Mar, Laguna Niguel, Lake Forest, Aliso Viejo, Mission Viejo, Anaheim, Santa Ana, and more.  Please contact us if you live outside our service area for special arrangements. We make house calls and meet you where you are.  We wholeheartedly care for and accept a limited number of Members, enabling us to care for you privately, attentively, and exceptionally.

Dedicated Concierge

Redefining "exceptional" with high touch medicine

Female Patient


Taking Care of You

"One of my favorite quotes by Sir William Osler is 'Listen to the patient; they will tell you the diagnosis'.  I wholeheartedly agree.  For years, patients have depended on me to provide this valuable service.  My goal is to listen carefully and allow you to tell me what your diagnosis is.  I offer this and other specialized options to anyone in need of a physician they can trust." -Dr. Long


Whether urgent or routine, your Initial Consultation will be private, attentive, and exceptional.  In the comfort of your home, we review your medical history and concerns in great detail, listen to your preferences, and partner with you to customize a treatment plan that inspires you.

We renew hope and trust as we strive to deliver the same care we  would want for our loved ones.  In the same manner we would want for our family, we are here for you.  Please let us know how we can make your care even more exceptional.



The Care You Deserve

"Through checkups and preventive care services, I’ve cared for numerous patients throughout my career as a physician. To me, nothing matters more than your health and comfort, which is why I’ve put in so much time and effort into advancing my medical practice and techniques. Please get in touch to schedule a check up." -Dr. Long

Beyond sick visits to the doctor and routine health items such as checking cholesterol, screening for cancer, and yearly physicals, our goal is to proactively engage in strategies to prevent limitations down the road.  Aging gracefully, or recovering what's been lost, we'd be thrilled to journey with you into wellness.

Pills on Spoons

Medication Review

Helping You Get Healthy

"I can provide endless examples of patients who have come to me with symptoms related to their medications.  I carefully review all the symptoms to evaluate if they are related to a medication, then I find a better suited medication that will provide the benefit needed without the adverse effect.  Sometimes I decide it's no longer needed, or it was a medication that was started for a side effect of yet another medication.  If you believe your medications may be causing some harm, please contact me today to schedule an appointment."-Dr. Long

For the sake of safety, we strive to minimize medications, and the unwanted, preventable side effects.  Medications are reviewed for interactions, and necessity.  As an example of the level of detail we strive for, did you know grapefruit interacts with many medications, increasing the dose, which can be harmful?  Did you know certain medications need to be taken on an empty stomach, or at least 30 minutes before eating, or they can be ineffective? We not only review medications, but ensure you are taking them properly.


Medical Acupuncture

Helping You Naturally

"Each patient I care for has an opportunity to try acupuncture, when appropriate, to enhance their wellness.  Through a holistic approach to medicine, I view each patient as a whole rather than a single symptom to be treated. This is just one of many customized procedures I perform when coming up with a treatment plan." -Dr. Long

Acupuncture performed by a physician is known as Medical Acupuncture.  Using (mostly painless) needles to stimulate or relax your nervous system is an effective way to activate the body's innate healing processes.

When you seek acupuncture from a physician, you receive a different level of care.  A physician who also trained in acupuncture is perfectly poised to determine when a symptom requires further evaluation, and whether it may be treated with acupuncture.  You benefit from combining an ancient treatment and modern Western medicine in a holistic way.  It's possible to have it all.


Intravenous Wellness

Advanced Care

We utilize intravenous fluids therapeutically during illness, and preventively during wellness.  We custom tailor intravenous vitamins such as B12, glutathione and NAD based on your health goals.  We avoid using medications that you don't need, and that can be harmful to you in the long run, as some IV clinics are providing with promises to improve your health.  We offer this service to provide you with options we feel are safe enough to provide to our own family.  



The Voice You Want

"I realized how important advocacy work was when my father was ill and unable to speak for himself.  I became his advocate and believe it's important for every patient to have an advocate.  There is too much at stake not to speak up" -Dr. Long

The places we receive care, such as a hospital or nursing home, can be scary and stressful.  We understand the peace of mind of having a "doctor in the family" who cares for you and speaks on your behalf, so you can focus on the hard work: getting well.  In a similar fashion, we speak on behalf of our Members to assure you receive the best care possible.

We will visit you, examine you, and coordinate your care with your team.

Blood Test

Blood Draw Service

Dedicated to Help You

"Providing options for my patients like I would want for my family has always been the cornerstone of my practice of medicine.  Though physicians no longer draw blood on their patients, I believe we can serve our patients efficiently when we provide this service and keep care patient-centered." -Dr. Long

We understand the inconvenience of traveling to a lab to have a blood draw, especially when you are ill.  You may opt for phlebotomy (blood draw) in the comfort of your home, even when ordered by another physician.

Holding Hands

Our Practice

If you're here looking for a doctor who will listen to you, we acknowledge you've made an important first step, and we're honored to help.

We offer private, attentive, and exceptional care at home.

We believe it's important to have a healing relationship with you that is both nurturing and science-based. We believe unhurried time with your doctor allows you to share openly.  We honor your preferences, partner with you to simplify your medical care and provide straightforward answers to your questions.

When you become a Member, you receive the same exceptionally nurturing care we give our loved ones.  

If you're ready to make the next step, contact us about becoming a Member. 

We’re honored to help.

We provide private, attentive and exceptional 24/7 primary care at-home. Click below to self-schedule a complimentary 15 minute Meet & Greet to see if we're right for you. 

Dedicated Concierge: About
Yale SOMed sterling.jpg

Marta E. Long, M.D.

Internal Medicine

Dr. Long feels privileged to practice medicine.  As a dedicated physician, she enjoys getting to know her patients, and believes the doctor-patient relationship is sacred.  She has an appreciation for complex medical conditions that require an eye for detail, as well as consideration of her patient's preferences.

Please read below to learn about her education and experience.

About Dr Long

Medical Training

Yale University

Dr. Long received her medical degree at Yale University School of Medicine.  She completed her residency training in Internal Medicine at Yale-New Haven Hospital, with a focus on primary care.  She is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and has been in practice since 2006. 

Following medical training, she worked at Yale-New Haven Hospital as a hospitalist attending physician, at Kaiser Permanente in Honolulu Hawaii, in private practice in southeast Virginia, and as clinic director at a federally qualified community health center.  Fulfilling her love for community and service, she has served many veterans and their families, volunteered at free clinics, consulted for the Virginia Beach Emergency Response Services, and traveled internationally with volunteer medical missions to Vietnam, Guatemala and Ecuador.

Dr. Long has returned to Southern California where she grew up, attending Glendale High School and Cal Poly Pomona.  In the summer of 1996 she attended a premedical student program at UC Irvine School of Medicine, and she fell in love with Irvine, where she now resides with her husband and daughters.  She speaks Spanish fluently, enjoys reading, the beach, and traveling.

Medical Acupuncture Training

Helms Medical Institute

Years after Dr. Long's medical training at Yale, she was introduced to acupuncture's scope of healing.  During her first pregnancy she received acupuncture, rather than medications, to address morning sickness, which inspired her to pursue acupuncture training and offer it to her own patients.  At Helm's Medical Institute, sponsored by UCLA and Stanford at its inception, she trained under Dr. Joseph Helms, M.D., who coined the term "medical acupuncture" to describe the blend of classical and modern acupuncture he learned in France. 

Dr. Long employs medical acupuncture to reverse conditions previously unresponsive to Western therapies.  Our Members benefit from medical acupuncture as part of a comprehensive Western evaluation to rule out underlying organic disorders.

Dr. Long optimizes the combined approach of Western therapeutics, pharmaceuticals and medical acupuncture.  Medical acupuncture provides excellent results for chronic pain, mental wellness, and hard-to-treat problems.  Ask us if medical acupuncture is right for your condition.

Advocacy Training

Real Life

An advocate is a person who speaks on your behalf. We advocate for you in-person where you currently receive care:  at a hospital, nursing home, or rehab facility, in order to ensure a difficult situation is appropriately remedied.  We also provide services to counsel you on choosing a nursing home for your needs, and much more.

​Real life examples of our past advocacy includes assisting our Members to understand their medical care, addressing Members "gut feeling" that the medical care delivered wasn't right, broadening Member's available options, and orchestrating a resolution to a Member's poor experience with a loved one's nursing home or hospital treatment.  We also facilitated information exchange between teams and specialists when family sought improved communication, and evaluated Members who felt their diagnosis was overdue and needed more focused attention.  We have been present in court, on behalf of our Members, evaluated for capacity and conservatorship, and assisted with placement.

Advocacy is time-consuming, medical insurance does not pay for it, and families navigate the medical system on their own.  We provide assistance to Members who need it, solidly representing their interests, and not an organization's.  We have no conflict of interest, which assures you receive the best advice for your situation.  If you are presently in a challenging medical situation, we'd be honored to help.

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Mobile Modern Medicine

Scope of Internal Medicine At-Home

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand

Care at Home

Same-day appointments
Home physician visits
Home IV fluids & medications
Home blood draw
(labs billed to insurance)
Home INR monitoring
Home EKG
Home x-rays & ultrasound

Preventive Care

Age-appropriate screening
Comprehensive examination
FAA Medical Certificate
School & other forms
Nutrition assessment
Fitness assessment
Health education
Customized wellness plans

Complex Care

Multiple medical problems
After hospital care
Medication review 
Chronic pain elimination
Undiagnosed conditions
Treatment not working
Have tried everything
Rehab facility visits & advocacy

Dementia Care

Comprehensive evaluation
for reversible causes
Gait disorders
Fall prevention
Behavior management
Remaining at home care
Choosing a nursing home
Nursing home visits & advocacy

Women's Health

Papanicolau (PAP smear)
Cancer screening
Reproductive care
Sexual health
Weight loss

Cancer Care

Managing effects of chemo
Anti-nausea acupuncture
Fatigue management
Oral (mucositis) care
Radiation burn skin care
Mental wellness support

Mental Health

Screening and treatment
Medication management
Acupuncture options
Mood disorders (anxiety, depression, etc)
Other disorders on a case by case basis
Tobacco & alcohol addiction
Other addictions on a case by case basis

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