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Top Diagnoses

"Below you'll find my brief thoughts on the top five diagnoses in primary care.  These are the most common ailments a typical internist will see on a daily basis.  We also see rare and uncommon diseases, so ask me about my expertise on any illness or symptom for which you need diagnosis, treatment, and care."
--Dr. Long

Under Control or Gone for Good

Type 2 Diabetes

There are many resources for caring for yourself, from healthy food choices, to fitness guidelines, learning about the medications and how to take them, to management of sugar levels.  As a member of the American Diabetes Association, I stay current on advancements to provide the best possible care. Talk to me about how we can work together to reverse diabetes for good.

Medication or Lifestyle

High Blood Pressure

Healthy lifestyle choices can rapidly lower blood pressure, but most people don't realize how quickly it happens.  In addition to lifestyle, other factors such as stress, can contribute.  When blood pressure remains elevated no matter which medications or lifestyle changes are made, then it's time to evaluate for other causes, such as sleep disorders.  Talk to me about pursuing this evaluation if blood pressure has been difficult to control.

To age or not to age?


Normal aging does not include arthritis.  With age, however, we need to be more mindful of our abilities and movement.  Why do the joints hurt?  What can be done to reduce the pain?  There are many choices for treatment approaches, from complementary options, nutrition, weight loss, fitness & strengthening, physical therapy, medications, injections, acupuncture, and surgery.  A good approach to arthritis also includes searching for underlying causes such as gout, endocrine disorders, and others.  Talk to me about how to fully evaluate and relieve your joint pain.

It's not your fault


The greatest challenge with diagnosing depression is that the affected person often doesn't realize what's wrong.  They just know something isn't right.  Finding help is important, and finding a physician who can diagnose, treat, and look for underlying causes is key.  As an internist, I've seen how lack of good mental health leads to physical symptoms, and also how physical ailments worsen when mental health is not addressed.  I welcome the opportunity to listen to your story, and am here to help.

Straightforward or Masquerader

Back Pain

A "masquerader" is a concerning type of back pain that is more than musculoskeletal, which accounts for 5% of all back pain.  Examples of masqueraders include tumors in the spine, kidney cancer, and abdominal tumors such as pancreatic cancer.  A full evaluation of back pain is critical to accurately diagnose and eliminate the possibility of a masquerader.  Likewise, some benign conditions are often confused with more serious problems! This type of evaluation needs more than the standard 15 minutes most patients have with their physicians.  A careful and detailed history and physical exam can often pinpoint the cause of back pain, and this requires time.  As a dedicated concierge physician, I am available to completely and thoroughly evaluate your back pain, spend time with you discussing all your available treatment options, so you are cared for as if you were family.

Our Mobile Modern Medicine program is provided by Marta Long MD, a concierge house call physician practice based in Irvine.  We offer Yale-trained internal medicine physician services in the comfort of your home and comprehensive holistic urgent same day or next day consultations.


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