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For when you need a voice

  • 1 h
  • In Person or Virtual

Physician Service Description

We have more technology now to communicate with physicians, but limitations to quality care remain which patient portals do not bridge well. Receiving good health care feels like a sport, or an upstream swim. Speaking for yourself during an illness can be an added challenge. You may need help advocating for the care of a loved one. If you are not getting the care you need, or are too ill to call your own shots, please let us help. What happens when a specialist physician recommends care but doesn't review all the available options you have? What about options available outside their specialty, or outside their facility? While doctors provide excellent care within the exam room, this service goes above and beyond the exam room, and includes the following: * Accompanying you to physician appointments * Explaining in clear simple terms what is recommended * Communicating your preferences and goals * Supervising your care * Choosing vetted specialists to care for you * Helping you choose options aligned with your preferences * Providing primary care or adjunctive care when needed * Identifying your needs and matching resources This is what we mean by "caring for you like family." This is what we do for our own friends and family. We've been advocating for years, and we'll do it for you. We offer this to Members because we know our beloved family and friends found this intervention incredibly helpful, like a clear light at the end of the tunnel. This service is part of our Dedicated Concierge plan.

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