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Medical Acupuncture

For balanced wellness

  • 1 hour
  • In Person

Physician Service Description

Acupuncture has many benefits on the immune system. Two leading authorities, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and World Health Organization (WHO), have established acupuncture as an acceptable treatment modality for many ailments, and are researching its mechanism of action, which remains poorly understood. Below is the WHO/NIH list of conditions improved with acupuncture, many of which are considered difficult to treat with Western therapies. The number of needed treatments will vary from one individual to the next, and depends on various factors, including how long the condition has been present. * Migraine, headache, TMJ * Allergies, sinus congestion * Asthma, and heart disorders * Reflux, IBS, hemorrhoids, constipation * PMS, infertility, menopause related hot flashes * Chronic pain, joint pain/arthritis, fibromyalgia, dental and post-op pain * Insomnia, depression, anxiety, PTSD * Overactive bladder, urinary frequency, urgency * Stroke, multiple sclerosis, neuropathy and neurological disorders * Side effects of chemotherapy and radiation * and more Dr. Long is trained in Medical Acupuncture, which is a combination of classic Chinese and French modern acupuncture, as well as the following: * Moxibustion * Electroacupuncture * Gua Sha * Cupping * Infra-red lamp Although acupuncture may be safely received during pregnancy, we do not treat pregnant women with acupuncture.

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