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Newport Beach mental wellness

Mental Wellness

For dedicated attention to your complete well-being

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  • House Call

Physician Service Description

Did you know more than 40% of primary care visits have an associated mental health component? As an internist, Dr. Long has consistently provided primary care psychiatry to her own patients. She is available to help every person who desires a medical evaluation of a psychiatric disorder, including medication management. This Consultation is appropriate for patients whose primary care physician has referred to a psychiatrist, but who prefer a comprehensive medical evaluation to evaluate for underlying reversible causes, such as nutritional deficiency or hormone imbalance, or who prefer alternative approaches to antidepressants. * Medical evaluation looking for reversible causes of psychiatric disorder * Nutritional deficiency and hormone evaluation * Sleep assessment * Gentle pharmaceutical approach (with zero tolerance for side effects) * Medication Management * Tobacco & substance abuse, and drug detoxification (on a case by case basis) * Support for all types of belief systems without judgement When you sign up for this service, you will receive private, attentive and exceptional mental health care. For Patients With a Primary Care Physician: We recommend a 2 or 3-month commitment, where we'll spend one to two hours on the first in-person visit gathering information (you sharing your story and history), then we'll meet weekly (in-person or online) or every other week for 4 sessions. At the conclusion, you'll return to your primary care physician to continued care.

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