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Sexual Health

For the best version of yourself, all the time

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Physician Service Description

Patients are often surprised how easy it is to talk to Dr. Long about sexual health once the questions are asked in an open manner. Both women and men have found relief and comfort in being able to get the help they needed, and no longer feel they "just have to live with it". So yes, we can help you with this. * Erectile dysfunction, or low desire * Pain (dyspareunia) during intercourse or discharge * Endometriosis and pelvic pain * Sexually transmitted infections * Menstrual disorders and menopause * Frequent bladder or prostate infections * Nighttime urination, or urinary dribbling, frequency or pain * Infertility * Screening for prostate, testicular, and female reproductive system cancers * Treatment options and recommendations * See Women's Health Service for additional options * All sexual orientations

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