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Women's Health

For wellness in every season of life

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Physician Service Description

A woman's body is amazing, unique, and different from a man's. Women require a different approach to health that takes into consideration the monthly hormonal changes, and how that affects every aspect of the body. If you've been suffering in silence, or you've been told "it's normal", then consider a consultation with Dr. Long. She is incredibly sympathetic and supportive in the care of the female patient. She offers a medical evaluation for gynecological symptoms, including the following: * PMS/Dysmenorrhea (painful periods) * Irregular periods, PCOS * Migraines * Painful intercourse * Infertility * Contraception * Sexually transmitted infections * Postpartum depression * Painful breastfeeding * Menopause & Perimenopause * Well woman exams including breast and pelvic cancer screening * Health and wellness counseling * Gentle approach to pelvic exams * Unique hormonal approach, including bioidentical HRT If you are unable to leave home due to severe pain, or who are homebound due to postpartum status, Dr. Long comes to your home to attend to your needs, and attentively evaluates your symptoms and addresses your concerns.

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