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“Two hours with a doctor is a dose of hope” -Dr. Long

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

It's a little complicated to fully describe the medical care delivered by Marta Long MD. It's difficult because most people are used to receiving medical care, and have trouble grasping the many ways it can be different, and better. They might certainly have an idea of what they want, and if you are that person who attained your dream care, it's amazing, isn't it? For everyone else, what if you could have it better?

Ask anyone who has called upon Marta Long MD, PC, and experienced the exceptional service. They have shared these thoughts and feelings:

I've never spent so much time with any doctor! [Dr. Long] told me to slow down and take my time. I was able to share without reading from my list of concerns and without being interrupted! I went from nervous to relaxed.
I've never had all my questions answered until now. I feel heard.
I've never been able to reach my doctor so easily. I'm never going back to the care I've been used to getting.
I've never had a doctor call me to check up on me so much. I feel cared for.
I feel there is a genuine connection with you, Dr. Long.
This was totally worth it! Best money spent.

Marta Long MD, P.C. opened in May, and since then has had the privilege of seeing neighbors, friends of friends, and complete strangers who found us while searching online. The internal medicine practice continues to welcome people from all walks of life. Each individual approached us with a need arising from their circumstances:

One busy self employed client finds this private, attentive, and exceptional home care nicely supplements the catastrophic medical insurance, and gets more bang for the buck compared to previous care.

Another client was in search of extended attention because despite having two medical insurances, was suffering in severe pain for nearly one year. After spending more than two hours in consultation, this client experienced a reminder of the pain-free days, and slept without medication.

Another uninsured client needed a primary care physician urgently, and called at noon on a weekend. Dr. Long made herself available within two hours--on a weekend. She took advantage of discounted lab pricing we offer, which enabled her to have both the consultation and the labs for the same price she would have paid elsewhere only for the labs.

Exceptional physicians are worth every penny

These clients will agree on one thing: that they did not expect to spend so much time with a physician. They will also tell you that they are incredibly pleased to have experienced this type of attention and exceptional care, elevating their expectations of medical care and access to their physician. Although the price tag may seem high initially, for different reasons, it's worth it and pays for itself.

How does it pay for itself? When Dr. Long spends time with you, and is able to listen to your symptoms without rushing, you receive a quicker diagnosis, and prompt treatment. Instead of being limited to talking about one issue, we welcome you to talk about every one of your concerns--in one appointment. In the long run, you spend less time away from work and doing the things you love, as well as spending your time and money the way you'd like.

Exceptional physicians give you a dose of hope

Understandably, going to the doctor is no walk in the park, but neither is being ill, unable to enjoy the former hobbies and social engagements, or not sleeping well at night. Spending 15 minutes with a physician in a traditional practice simply gives you time to walk away feeling rushed, unheard, and worse, no better.

When Dr. Long spends time with you, and is able to carefully evaluate your concerns, you can walk away not only feeling heard, but also hopeful that you will get better. We all do better with a dose of hope.

Are you ready for private, attentive, and exceptional care? If you are, call us. If you know of a friend who might benefit, please share. We're here to care for you as if you were family. That means we'll do what it takes to get you better.

Marta Long, M.D. is the founder and owner of Marta Long MD, a home-based internal medicine direct primary care micropractice that delivers private, attentive, and exceptional care. The practice is based in Irvine, and sees patients throughout Orange County.

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