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Concierge House Calls

Imagine your doctor at your doorstep

Grandmother and Granddaughter

Caring Like Family

A medical practice designed with you in mind

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What Sets Us Apart

Concierge House Calls unlike anything you've experienced

Mom and a Child


Marta Long MD meets you where you are:  home, work, nursing home or hospital, because having a doctor who knows you matters.

Preparing Jams


Marta Long MD attentively evaluates your concerns with compassionate competence in primary care, mental health, and gynecology.  


Private & Accessible

Marta Long MD provides medical attention that is accessible to you, including in-person house calls, or virtual telemedicine, 24/7. 

Young Family


Marta Long MD delivers medical care in the same trustworthy manner we would want for our own family, constantly seeking out better treatments for you.

What is a Meet & Greet?

The best doctor patient relationships begin when the needed expertise or the preferred bedside manner matches your expectations.  Before scheduling your first appointment, you have the opportunity to ask questions in this 15 minute complimentary virtual Meet & Greet.

The use of this website does not create a physician-patient relationship and does not obligate Marta Long MD to follow-up or contact users of this website.  The virtual Meet & Greet is not considered a medical consultation, and no medical advice is given.  A physician-patient relationship is established only after completion & payment of an Initial Consultation.

Before continuing with booking, please read our Privacy Policy.

  • Complimentary virtual opportunity to talk to Dr. Long

    15 min
  • Available 6 am to Midnight

    30 min
    $200 for 30 minutes
  • For privacy and comfort

    1 hr
    $400 per hour
  • Prevention and Treatment

    1 hr
  • For balanced wellness

    1 hr
  • For dedicated attention to your complete well-being

    1 hr
  • For wellness in every season of life

    1 hr
  • Towards being disease-free

    1 hr
  • For the best version of yourself, all the time

    1 hr
  • For natural & holistic wellness

    1 hr
  • For when you need a voice

    1 hr
  • $400 for 60 minutes

    1 hr 30 min
    600 US dollars
  • for Patients with Perplexing Conditions